Internship at Jubilee

It is a one year full-time training, development and service programme designed to change your life and build the church. It is a great way to receive biblical training, discover and develop your gifts, grow in character, get involved in church life and serve God in the local church. It is also great fun!


At Jubilee Church, interns are an important part of the staff team. Whether you're interested in being involved with media, kids and youth, worship, or community outreach, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow as God uses you in those areas. As well as mentoring and training within the church setting, you will also be part of the wider internship program run by NewFrontiers in which interns from across the area gather together every six weeks for friendship and training. 

It’s a year of sending. Sending you out into the world equipped to change it, to become a disciple who makes the name of Jesus famous, wherever you go!

Please email if you have any questions and click here if you would like to apply. (Please do not fill out any forms on the Impact Training website)

I’m James and I'm 22. I am an only child and was born and raised in a Christian household. Going to church on Sunday has always been part of my life, so I grew into becoming a Christian at an early age.

As I progressed through my childhood, I always lived with a belief in Jesus, but it often felt more like head knowledge than heart. Through college I started to become anxious and self-conscious, by worrying too much about what the world thought of me rather than what God thought of me. I grew distant from God and stopped going to church.

However, after hearing from God and receiving some encouragement from friends and family, I took a step of faith by going to Newday in 2013. It changed my life forever. I powerfully encountered God for the first time and my former head knowledge became a core knowing that Jesus is Lord of my life!

Having a personal relationship with Jesus has helped me to come through depression, and feel motivated to passionately serve the youth and tell people about how real Jesus is! After prevailing through my degree and PGCE by God's grace, I am really looking forward to growing in my relationship with Jesus this year, and fully grasping the calling that God has for my life.

I’m Ben and I’m 20. I've lived in Worthing my whole life. I was brought up in a Christian family, which was a blessing, with my Mum, Dad and older sister. However, through my teenage years I drifted away from God, yet I still knew He was real.

Newday was a big moment in my life and there I made the decision to fully dedicate my life to God. It has been a struggle, but God is faithful.

I'm extremely excited for this year ahead, and getting the trajectory for my life set. I love Jubilee, I've been in the church for 10 years and I can't think of anything better than to give a year of my life to serving Jubilee.

I’m Joseph and am 20, so I'm getting on a bit now. I was raised in a Christian household, am a middle child and have attended Jubilee for as long as I can remember. 
It wasn’t until I was about thirteen that I fully gave my life to God, in response to a preach on Sunday. From that age on, the church youth setup helped me and I grew me in my relationship with God. Rather than it me being just following rules and laws, I engaged with God personally. 
My main areas of serving will be helping with Encounter, aiding ReLoved weekly and with a focus on prayer too.
I hope to grow in God so much over this next year in character and identity, plus grasping further what Christ has done and is doing in my life. I am excited to see where God takes me through the year and guide me for my future, in regards to university and all that.