KEYS Community Detox

KEYS Community Detox is a church based detox programme to help people escape from alcohol and drug addiction through integrated medical, spiritual and community support.



There are three principle elements or ‘KEYS’ to this programme:

Teams are trained and equipped to support clients before, during and after detox using medical protocols which generally involve the clients own GP. It is the GP (or drug clinic staff) who will organise tests and prescribe the necessary medication.



KEYS Community Detox is primarily aimed at helping those who are already on, or who are open to a spiritual route to recovery. Clients are supported through a Christian recovery programme that uses the 12-steps adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous to address issues that are very often at the root of addiction.   



Community Support is the vital third ‘KEY’ to the programme. Having the support of a loving community is a massive boost to anyone seriously wanting to make the lifestyle changes necessary for long-term freedom from drugs and alcohol.

If you are caught in an addiction or know someone who is caught in an addiction and you would like to speak to someone about the detox programme then please email: or phone: 07486 619802 or 01273 987977.
For more information regarding the programme please visit: 



Recovery groups are friendly, informal meetings that take place every week for anyone struggling with any form of addiction or compulsive behaviour. Adapted from the 12-steps programme these groups are suitable for people at all stages of the recovery journey. We meet together to celebrate God’s healing power in our lives, to share our struggles and our successes and encourage one another forward.  All groups are completely free with a warm welcome given to everyone.

Worthing Recovery Group

Location: Worthing Tabernacle Church, 64 Chapel Road, BN11 1BN

When: Every Wednesday, 1.15pm - 2:30pm