From the heart

Worship isn’t just about singing songs to God, it’s about our whole lives. The decisions we make about how to spend our time, what to do with our money or how to conduct our relationships – they all come out of a heart of worship. For now though, let’s talk about Sunday mornings at Jubilee. We love to sing! It does us good to sing corporately, to remind ourselves of who God is, and to be caught up in praising and worshipping Him together. God has put mystery into music, so singing together, rather than just reading together, touches the soul and engages our emotions.

Our time of worship is not just singing our favourite songs though. The whole purpose is to connect with God, with his people, and listen to what He is saying to us. That’s why when we worship you will find people reading from the bible, praying a spontaneous prayer, or telling everyone something that God has done. Worship is not just about the people at the front, everyone is included and invited to participate, just as it says in the bible, “When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up.” (1 Corinthians 14:26) We have different combinations of players, singers and leaders each week, reflecting the diversity that we treasure in Jubilee.

A time to celebrate

We especially love songs that help us celebrate what God has done in sending Jesus to restore all of creation, not just our little lives. In fact, when we worship we are joining in with the worship that is currently going on in Heaven, declaring with all creation that Jesus alone is the King of Kings; Holy, Righteous, Glorious, Powerful, Worthy of all our praise! We choose international songs to reflect the many nations of the world, and to welcome all nationalities that are amongst our community.
Kellie Walden oversees the Sunday worship teams at Jubilee. She says “People ask me why I shout at the top of my voice sometimes, or jump about and dance! Well, God gave us a body, and there is freedom in being able to move about to music. Personally I find that dancing, particularly with uninhibited children, helps me remember that worship is actually for God, and He loves it when we love being with Him, and He loves it when I enjoy it at the same time.”

That doesn't mean that we are looking for people to jump around all the time. Dancing is completely appropriate before the living God but it is just one of the ways that we can express ourselves before Him. Sometimes we come with tears, sometimes we sit quietly for a while – the thing we value most is God's presence and when the Holy Spirit shows up anything can happen.