Sunday Mornings

Due to Covid-19, we are currently not meeting at Worthing High School, please click here for more information about our online gatherings.


We meet from 10am for coffee every Sunday at Worthing High School, South Farm Road, BN14 7AR. The meeting will finish at 12pm.


Each Sunday meeting is a blank canvas in that we expect God to speak and meet with us and as such anything could happen, so don’t hold us to the following schedule. Having said that there are two elements to every Sunday gathering of the church – worship and preaching from the bible.

Usually we spend time singing songs led by a band with guitars, keyboards and drums. People will pray out or share something from the bible or something they believe God has given them to encourage the church in its worship or in following Jesus. Sometimes someone will pray out 'in tongues' – a language given by God that the speaker does not understand, but we will expect God to also give someone the interpretation so that the church is encouraged.

After this someone will preach. We believe the bible to be the main way that God speaks to us, so we give a significant amount of time to preaching and teaching from the bible. This is usually done by one of the four elders but we will also have guest speakers and sometimes other members of the church will be invited to speak.

At the end of the meeting there is usually an opportunity to be prayed for. Tea and coffee is served at 10am before the worship begins.

Children & Youth Meetings

Children and youth start their groups at 10.45am
· Little Rainbows (0-3 years)
· Sparklers (3-4 years)
· Explorers (Reception - Year 3)

· Encounter (Years 4-6)
· Katalyst (Years 7-10)


Connect Lunches

For people who are new to Jubilee, we hold a lunch on the last Sunday of the month in someone's home. These are called Connect Lunches. To find out more, and to receive an invitation, visit the Connect area after the service. This is a great way of getting to know more people in the church community.