Eldership Team

Jubilee church is led by an eldership team – Alex Beaken, Rodney Haggar, Joel Tostevin, Pete Saner, Stuart Britton and Colin Reid. They oversee the church in terms of doctrine, direction and discipline; seeking the way that God would have the church grow and develop and taking responsibility for this. They are not the only leaders, and are not the 'pastors'. There are lots of leaders and pastors in the church community, with all kinds of gifts, but these guys are ultimately responsible.


Alex Beaken

Alex joined the church around 2005 where he met Lucy. Now happily married with a young daughter. They enjoy laughing at the cute faces she pulls as well as much broken sleep. Alex became an elder in 2015 and is responsible for the preaching and teaching within the church as well as leadership development amongst other things. He enjoys going out for dinner with Lucy and sitting in coffee shops with a good theological book.



Rodney Haggar

Rodney and his family moved from Eastbourne to Worthing to strengthen the church in 1998. Rodney was made an elder in 2006 and started working full time for the church in 2013. His wife Sue teaches English as a foreign language and they have 3 children, the youngest two are at university. Rodney is an avid supporter of Ipswich Town and a huge fan of Dad's Army.

Joel Tostevin

Joel works full time for the church.


Pete Saner

Pete and his family joined Jubilee in 1999, demonstrating huge commitment in that they left their beloved home in Scotland. Pete was made an elder in 2006 and has since set up a dental practice with his wife Kath, which is obviously a full time job. They have 4 children who are gradually leaving home. The Saner family are your best bet if you are choosing a pub quiz team as they are ridiculously clever. Pete has a keen theological brain and loves a good discussion, preferably over a single malt whisky.


Stuart Britton

Stuart and Hayley moved to Worthing and joined Jubilee in 2000 and Stuart became an elder in 2015. Stuart's day job is a Chartered Engineer but at Jubilee he oversees the childrens and youth work as well as being actively involved in the worship team. Stuart is a keen DIY-er and always has a project or two on the go. Stuart and Hayley have 4 children; Abigail, Jacob, and twins, Robert and Kathryn. They love a bit of camping and Stuart never turns down an invitation for a curry. 

Colin Reid

Colin is Worthing born and bred and joined Jubilee Church at the beginning of 2007.  With a Degree in Electrical Engineering and a couple of years with Decca Radar as a Research Engineer, he was led into a career of over forty years in Social Work.  He retired in December 2014;  and was asked to take on the role of Pastoral Manager in the church.  He was made an Elder in 2015.  He is an enthusiastic member of the church Alpha Team.  He has a host of interests including Family History Research.