Jubilee is part of a growing world wide sphere of Churches called Regions Beyond. It was at a Regions Beyond conference in Dubai in November 2012 that God spoke to Rodney, one of our elders, about building links into a new nation. At the same conference he brought a prophecy about God opening up a route of resources into India. And so putting these two prophetic words together, he concluded that India seemed the right country to build new links into.

One Nation Small group that meets in one of the slums of Mumbai

Following a conversation with another leader who traveled into India, Rodney was invited to visit One Nation Church in Mumbai. In March 2014 he visited the Church for the first time, and being warmly received as a prophet he was able to teach extensively on the prophetic. In 2015 Rodney traveled out to India again with his wife Sue where they both taught in the bible school and Rodney was able to build on the prophetic foundation he had previously laid. A good strong friendship is developing between our two Churches.

Rodney teaching on Sunday morning at One Nation Church

Sue Haggar teaches at One Nation bible school