Following a prophetic dream about involvement in a Balkans nation, and then an unexpected invitation to a Balkans conference, Jubilee Church has had links with Albania since 2007.

A growing friendship with Living Water Church in Korce has developed, with several teams and individuals from Jubilee having now visited, to strengthen and develop the friendship links. But most significantly, in May 2010 Clinton and Joanne, with their children Joshua and Emma, moved from Jubilee to live in Albania and serve Living Water Church in Korce for three and a half years. They helped the Church launch several projects, including a thriving children’s work amongst street kids.

Clinton, Joanne, Joshua and Emma

Clinton became an elder in the Church in 2012 alongside Edi (the leader of the Church). This helped the Church transition to a genuinely biblical plural eldership, so that when he left in October 2013, two new elders (Olsi and Renato) joined with Edi to make a new team. Edi is married to Artina and they have one son Mickaeli. 


Edi and Artina

Korce is a city of about 80,000 people, situated in the southeast of Albania, only 30km from the Greek border. The city has an ethnic mix of Albanians, and although the Church reflects something of this mix, it mainly works into the poorer community of predominantly darker skinned Albanians. The Church has been growing in recent years and now has about 120 adults and countless children. The building they rent in the city centre is now at capacity and so they are looking for alternative venues, and in the longer term money to buy land for their own building.

Although Jubilee has not had any direct ministry link with Albania since 2014, friendships built over time remain very strong. Clinton and Joanne returned to the UK but continue to keep touch with the Church in Korce and visit when they can. Clinton and Rodney also continue their friendship with Edi & Artina, who have since moved to the capital Tirana, where they are planting a new Church.