Lesotho carries a special place in our hearts in Jubilee. It's a small country inside South Africa without many natural resources but nonetheless very precious to God.

Our history with River of Life Church, Maseru dates back to around 2007, just after it was first started, when a couple from Jubilee went to be part of the church for two years. This developed further when Colin (a former elder at Jubilee) took on an oversight role with the church in 2010 and then went with his family to stay in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, for three months in February 2013.

The vision we have together is to invest with them in the resources they already have, so that they can build a flourishing church community and reach out to the surrounding areas, both in the city of Maseru and further afield in the towns and villages of Lesotho.

In September 2013 Arron and Helen Moore moved out to Maseru with their children Megan and Kate for two years to serve River of Life Church and to undertake a project in job and wealth creation, working alongside the business minded people to start and expand businesses. 
They undertook a large renovation project and established premises to house a number of small businesses including:

Cafe 121

An Internet cafe outside the main business college of Lesotho, providing wifi and internet access as well as serving lunch and snacks during college hours.

Funky Fish Mobiles

Supplier of quality second hand mobile phones and other electronics.

Ice Popsicles

Supplying local markets with flavoured ice pops, which are very popular in Maseru during the warm seasons.


Handmade items to be sold at the local markets.

Divine Ginger

A ginger based drink sold in the local markets.

Longer term we hope to see other projects develop in education, health, agriculture, skills training and leadership development. 

River of Life Church in Maseru