Jubilee Communities

Being Community is more than just gathering on a Sunday.

The Summer 2018 Jubilee Church brochure is now available which details all of our current Jubilee Communities.

Equip groups exist to train and equip the church through courses that explore everything from faith and foundations to discovering our true identity in Christ and our spiritual gifts. They also include some groups that are open to the wider community, with a focus on Marriage, Parenting or the Alpha Course, which explores who Jesus was and why He is relevant today.

The Connect groups are primarily about making connections with people who are new to Jubilee Church, or are from outside of church life. They are groups mainly based around an activity or hobby with the purpose of creating space and opportunities for members of Jubilee to connect with our wider community. Why not sign-up to a Connect Group and invite a friend, neighbour, family member or work colleague to come along?

These groups are the hub of Jubilee community life. They are the central point of our group structure and we want to encourage everyone to sign up for one. Engage groups will follow the Sunday preaching series, focusing on growing together in God by studying the Bible, praying together, giving opportunities to grow and use our gifts, and provide support, encouragement and friendship.

This term groups are running Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Steps to sign-up

1. Look through your Summer brochure (If you don't yet have one then please speak to a member of the Connect Team on Sunday morning).

2. Fill out the Sign-up form at the back of this brochure and hand it in at the Connect Point on a Sunday morning by 15th April 2018. If for any reason you cannot hand in the form on a Sunday, you can email Joel Tostevin to confirm which group you would like to join: joel@jubilee-church.co.uk

3. Attend your group, build relationships, meet with God and have fun!