Our History

Jubilee was planted out of a large church called CCK in Brighton as a result of a word given to Terry Virgo (founder of Newfrontiers) whilst in South Africa. Jubilee was initially planted in Lancing in 1990 with meetings held in Boundstone School.

We then moved to the old Luxor cinema where we spent many years carrying buggies up and down the stairs for toddler groups and listening to the railway crossing going up and down during prayerful moments. We continued with 30 to 40 members for a few years, with new people joining us, some people leaving us and sometimes people leaving us and then re-joining us! Much was learnt in those early days about persistence and faith as we dared to believe that God could do something big with a small group of people. Many of the friendships that formed during those years still run deep regardless of our geography.

As numbers grew we moved our meetings to the Lancing Parish Rooms, and then in response to a prophetic word about stretching out and enlarging to the east and west, we moved to Worthing where we spent our Sunday mornings in East Worthing Community Centre. Now, with over 200 members, we hold our Sunday services at Worthing High School.

We have been hunting for our own building for many years now – a quest which can best be described as 'character-forming'. It has been a journey of twists and turns, with some bitter disappointments. We have made some excellent connections with local people along the way however, and rather than shrinking back, we have grown in our involvement across Worthing. You can read more about this involvement in our community projects pages.

One of the major events that has shaped us as a church came through friendship with a man called Steve Oliver. At the time he was living in South Africa, but has now moved to the UK with his wife Heather and they are part of Beulah Family Church, Thorton Heath. As a result of this friendship we have developed a greater international flavour and vision.

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