What we believe

What we believe about God

The bible tells us that God wants a people for Himself to be a demonstration of His love, rule and reign on the earth. Pride set itself up as a barrier between ourselves and God so that we could no longer hear or understand each other. When Jesus, God’s son, died on the cross that barrier was torn down and for those who believe in Jesus and set their hearts on following Him there is now restored communion between them and God.

What we believe about Ourselves

Human beings are unable to put right what went wrong between themselves and God. The bible teaches that even our best efforts are not good enough. However, what we are powerless to do Jesus has done for us. His death on the cross means that we can be completely forgiven by God for everything that we have ever done wrong.

What we believe about the Church

As Christians we are the family of God together. What defines the church is more about people than it is about buildings. Therefore we are made up of all sorts of people, from various different cultures and backgrounds; young and old; babies; children; single people; married couples; families; single parents and widowed. We believe that in the family of God everyone has a place. We are brought together as one body because we have all come into a relationship with God, through Jesus.

What we believe about the World

We believe that the world is in a mess because of what man has done. However, God’s plan is to put the world to rights, through the man, Jesus. He calls us to be involved in that, to bring hope and healing to a broken world, restoring it to what it was meant to be.

What we believe about the Bible

Although written by many different authors within many different times and cultures, the Bible is God’s word. The content ranges from songs of worship to laments over suffering, dense arguments to slapstick comedy, the purpose of the universe to the lives of lily’s and sparrows. A rich masterpiece for us to discover the heart of God and our purpose in the world.

The whole bible provides a vision of God unlike any other, coming to its climax in the revealing of God in the person of Jesus. The whole book is really about Him, and how He is going about getting a people for Himself from every corner of the world. The New Testament especially gives a blue print for life in and out of the church after the earth shattering event of Jesus’ resurrection. We are all working out what life looks like since Jesus is Lord, so come and join us in the discovery.