Jubilee Internship

The Jubilee Internship is a gap year open to anyone wanting to serve God and learn more about Him. It is an opportunity to be equipped and trained in many areas of church life and to receive theology teaching.

The year involves the following three elements:
•    Theological study, via a training programme known as 'Impact', which is given in blocks spread throughout the year and also from your placement church.
•    Skills training in church planting, children’s and youth work, working with disadvantaged people, and much more.
•    Church-based placement working in a Newfrontiers church on various projects. Impact students receive personal discipleship and training from their chosen church.

I’m Josef and I’m 18. I grew up in a Christian family the eldest sibling of four. As a family we joined Jubilee when I was very young (not sure what age exactly).

I was a part of the youth (in Jubilee) from a young age, and grew and learnt a lot from being there.  

I felt significantly impacted by God for the first time when on a youth weekend away, I believe with Encounter. This verified for me, that God was alive and that I was able to have a personal relationship with him, which is what he wanted as well. 

I became part of a youth band set up, which I owe a lot to, as it really helped me grow in confidence and gifting. I am now leading the whole church in worship!

My main areas of serving will be leading Encounter and worship, as well as help with ReLoved weekly. 

I hope to grow in God so much over this next year in character, understanding and gifting. I am excited to see where God leads me beyond this year, and to fully grasp the calling he has for my life.


I'm Beth and I'm 21. 

I was brought up in a Christian family in East Grinstead. In 2010, with my mum, I moved to Worthing. I struggled to settle which led me to become distant with God.

Throughout the 6 years away from a church, I'd always believed there was a god, it wasn't until the last year or so I started to question where my life was heading and the reason behind it all and I wanted answers. Last October I got involved in the night shelter which led me to start the Freedom in Christ course with a small group from the church. From then on I started going to Jubilee.

In these past couple months I have already felt God changing me, and I am so excited to see His plans and where He is going to lead me over the next year. I am looking forward to learning and understanding God's Word more thoroughly and becoming more involved in Jubilee church. 

If you would like to find out more, you can visit www.newgroundchurches.org/impact

If you are considering applying, then please contact the office on: 07767 115943 or email: office@jubilee-church.co.uk

Please do not fill in any forms from the Impact Training website